Three Autumn And Winter Allergy Triggers

For many allergy sufferers, the seasonal change of spring to autumn is a welcome one. They find some relief from the allergy symptoms that cause them so much discomfort during the high pollen months. Unfortunately, for some allergy suffers, the symptoms persist throughout autumn and winter. If your allergy symptoms are not letting up during the off seasons, you may be wondering what could be triggering the symptoms. Here, you will learn a little about three main allergy triggers that are still a problem during autumn and winter seasons.


Mold is a serious trigger for many allergy sufferers. If you noticed an increase in symptoms since you began using your heating system for the season, you may have mold growing in the ventilation somewhere. Mold can be a more serious health risk than making your allergies flare up. It can cause serious respiratory problems if it is not addressed and removed. Contact your local ventilation cleaning company to have your duct work cleaned.


Dust is a year-round trigger. You are exposed to it at home, at work and even in your car. There is no escaping dust in your daily life. The best you can do to limit your exposure to dust is to keep your home and car clean. Remove as much clutter as you can, run the vacuum often, and dust mop your hardwood floors daily.

Evergreen Bushes and Trees

Although the amount of pollen produced by evergreen bushes and trees is far less than that of the spring and summer pollen producers, it is still enough to cause symptoms in allergy sufferers that are extremely sensitive to pollen.

Tip: Make sure that your friends and family are aware of your allergy so that they do not give you gifts made of evergreen branches. Many people love to make and gift wreaths, centerpieces, and decorations that are made of these beautiful branches that could send your symptoms into high-gear.

If your allergy symptoms have recently become an issue, it is in your best interest to contact your allergy doctor. He or she can run allergy tests to help determine what is causing your uncomfortable symptoms during what should be a much more comfortable time of the year for you. Once the triggers are discovered, you can more easily avoid them and receive the treatment that will help alleviate the symptoms and give you your life back. For more information, contact a local allergy clinic, like Allergy Partners of Raleigh