How To Help Your Child After A Friend’s Death

Death is always a tragic and sad thing, but it can be particularly heartbreaking when a child is involved. Not only does the family have to go through the pain of the loss, but the community often suffers as well. If your child was friends with someone who passed away, you could be wondering how you can help him or her get through this tough time. Fortunately, following these tips can help you help your child as much as possible.

Take Advantage of Services at School

Many schools offer counseling to students after a child has died in the community, so consider taking advantage of these resources. If you haven't heard anything about them, contact your child's school; even if the counseling isn't being heavily promoted, a school counselor could help point you in the right direction.

Take Your Child to Grief Counseling

If your child was very close to the little one who passed away, or if your child seems particularly distraught about the situation, it might not be a bad idea to sign him or her up for grief counseling. Many therapists' offices offer this type of counseling, or you can contact a local funeral home, such as Gillies Funeral Chapel, for help.

Let Your Child Talk About It

There is a chance that your child will want to talk about his or her friend, and this is perfectly normal behavior. Don't try to change the subject in hopes of helping your child get through the grief. Instead, allow him or her to talk about it.

Don't Try to Sugarcoat Things

It's best not to try to lie or be deceitful about what has happened. Although your child does not need to know all of the gory details, you shouldn't try to pretend as if nothing has happened. Instead, give simple explanations rather than trying to ignore the problem.

Let Your Child Make Decisions

Don't try to push your child to go to funeral services, and don't discourage him or her either. In this type of situation, it's generally best to let your child make the decisions. If your little one does decide to go to the funeral services, make sure that you are there to accompany him or her.

Helping your child through the loss of a friend is not going to be easy. By being there for your child, however, you can help him or her heal from this tragedy in the best way possible.