4 Tips To Help Women Over 40 Lose Weight

If you are a woman over 40 and trying to lose weight, you may notice that your scales refuse to budge. Do not give up just yet-- because there is a reason for this. Many women's estrogen levels rise during this period in their life, which makes it harder to lose weight. Seeing your doctor to have your levels checked is the first place you should start. They can give you medications to help level them out. Below are some other tips to help you get that needle moving on your scales.

Eat Breakfast

When you wake up in the morning this is when your metabolism is at its highest. For this reason, it is important to eat a healthy breakfast every day. According to the National Weight Control Registry, 78% of the people that keep weight off eat breakfast every single day.

Simply grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal, a donut, or a muffin will not work, however.  You must eat healthy foods such as eggs, whole-wheat toast, fruit, and more.

Make Adjustments To Your Eating Habits

You can adjust your eating habits that will make you feel full so you do not succumb to eating unhealthy foods. Eating more frequently, but consuming less food can help you lose weight. Try to eat five to six small meals per day, and do not go over three or four hours without eating.  It may seem like this would make you gain weight, but remember you will be eating smaller meals, as well as snacking on healthy foods. This will help you to not feel hungry, and will keep you from grabbing unhealthy snacks, such as your favorite candy bar.

Getting a Little Help

Besides eating right and staying active, you can get some help, such as with diet pills, such as Intermountain HCG, and other programs. Diet pills will make you feel less hungry so you do not eat as much. There are also diet plans that you can go by to help you lose weight.

There is nothing wrong with getting some help along the way to help you lose weight even more quickly, as well as to keep the weight off.

Eat Fat Fighting Foods

When dieting, it is not only how much food you eat, but also what foods you eat. There are many healthy foods out there, but some fight fat more than others do. Add some of these foods to your diet to help you lose weight.  

Losing weight is not something that happens overnight. You have to stay with it and do not give up. If you do not, and follow the tips above, you will find that the weight will start to come off.