Enjoy Gardening But Injured Your Foot Or Ankle? Tips To Help You Still Enjoy It

If you have always loved to plant flowers and take care of them, it is difficult when you can no longer do this because of a foot or ankle injury. Fortunately, there are ways you can get back out in your garden again. The tips below will help you create a flower garden, plant the flowers, and take care of them all on your own.

Choosing the Flowers

Have someone take you to a garden center to choose the flowers. It will make it easier on you if you choose low maintenance flowers.

Because you have a foot or ankle injury, you likely cannot walk on your own. It this is true, you can use a knee scooter to help you get around

Knee scooters, also known as knee walkers, take the place of crutches and traditional walkers. They have a padded area where you can bend your leg that has the injured foot or ankle, and place it on the padding. You can then use your uninjured leg to walk the scooter.

They make them sturdy enough so they can be used outside on grass, gravel, pavement, etc. The scooters also have a basket where you can put the flowers you want to purchase.

No Dig Gardening

Because you are unable to walk, it is likely that it would be very hard on you to dig you own garden. There is a no dig garden technique, however, that will let you get the ground ready for your new flowers. Someone will likely need to help you with this project, but you can do much of it on your own.

Use some old newspapers and lay them on the area where you want the flower garden to be. Put down at least four layers of the paper. Use a watering can to get the newspaper wet. You should never use glossy paper, as it contains chemicals that can harm the flowers.

Put four inches of pea straw over the newspaper, and then put two inches of compost on top of this. Water the area to mix the compost with the straw.

Dig holes on the top layer of the straw that are six inches wide, and six inches deep. Put some compost in the hole, and then plant the seeds or plants. Use a watering can to water the plants or seeds thoroughly. 

Build Pathways

If the garden is large, you want to make sure there are pathways in it so you can get through it in your knee walker.

Put lights on each side of the pathway to help you be able to see if you want to visit the garden at night. You will be able to go out to your flower garden any time you wish.