How To Avoid Hurting Your Back During The Winter

In the winter, you might be less willing to keep up with your chiropractic care appointments. It's cold out and you might not want to slip on the ice. This will make you less vulnerable to getting sick during the winter. Besides keeping you from getting sick, you may need more chiropractic care to cope with many of the winter activities that can be bad for your back. This can include removing snow from your windshield, shoveling and trying to avoid falling when walking on ice. There are also several other things that can prevent you from hurting yourself during the winter.

Get an Ergonomic Shovel

To avoid hurting your back while shoveling, make sure you use a shovel that is designed specifically to be ergonomic. Ergonomic shovels place less strain on your lower back, but are able to get the same amount of work done. While lifting, also make sure to not fill your shovel all the way with snow because this will more likely hurt your back. With snow that is densely packed, it is even more important to not fill your shovel all the way even if it will take longer to finish your work.

Buy Boots with Good Traction

If you slip and fall, there's a good chance that you will hurt your back. To prevent this from happening, it is best to get boots that provide good traction. Boots will also make it easier to shovel, which will hurt your lower back less. The best boots are those that are not smooth on the bottom.

Walk Slowly and Carefully

When wearing boots, make sure to walk at a slow and even pace. Do not spread your legs too far apart from each other because you will be more likely to slip and fall. When you are no longer on slippery ground, you must still be careful because nearly invisible patches of black ice can be shockingly slippery and make you fall. Leaning forward slightly can reduce your risk of getting hurt because it can be more dangerous to fall backward, risking hitting your head or hurting your spine, than it is to fall forward.

Walking down slopes are especially challenging because both gravity and the slipperiness are your enemy. Walk sideways and you will have more control. Another challenging situation is exiting a bus or car. Hold on tightly to something so you can catch yourself in the event that the ground is more slippery than expected.

If you do need chiropractic treatment for back pain in the wintertime, visit a chiropractor like Citrus Chiropractic Group.