In-Home Care: Choosing Safe Activities For Your Parent With Alzheimer’s

If your parent has Alzheimer's and you employ an in-home care, you should make sure they stay active as much as they can. Even though many activities are no longer safe for him or her, such as cooking, there are safe and rewarding things your parent can do to keep busy throughout the day.


Gardening is therapeutic, and there is nothing like getting outside and getting your hands dirty. Make a special flower garden for your parent. If you do not already have one, choose an area in the yard that gets plenty of sun. If possible, build it close to a window so your parent can look outside and enjoy it.

Remove the top layer of sod from the area using a shovel. Break up the soil using a tiller or rake, and then add approximately some compost to the soil, and mix it in using the tiller or rake. Follow the directions on the bag of compost on how much you should add. This will provide the flowers with nutrients.

Take your parent to the garden center with you, and let him or her choose the flowers they like. When you get home, dig the hole for him or her, and then let your parent place the flower into the hole, and pat the dirt around it. When the flowers have been planted, talk with your parent about taking care of the flowers, such as when they should weed and water. If he or she forgets, remind your parent to do these tasks. Of course, you will need to give him or her a helping hand. Once the flowers start growing, cut some of them, and put them in a vase for your parent.

Therapy Dog

People that love animals know that seeing their pet at the end of a stressful day can lift their spirits and make them feel better. When a pet enters a room, someone sitting emotionless and stoic can instantly become joyful and animated. In some cases, a pet may trigger special memories for your parent.

Consider purchasing a therapy dog for your parent. In many cases, the animal senses that this person needs them, and chooses that person as their favorite one in the home. However, make sure you choose the right breed, as you do not need a dog that is high strung.

You should not leave the pet alone with your parent. Even though he or she may love it, there may be times when your parent will find the pet annoying. Choose a certain time of day for visits with the pet, such as in the mornings or early afternoon.  This depends on the time of day your parent is usually at his or her best, especially if Sundowner's Syndrome is a factor.

Talk with the home care nurse or service, such as ComForcare Home Care - Bloomfield Hills, MI, about what they think is best for your parent. They likely spend a lot of time with your parent, and may know the activities he or she would most enjoy.