3 Exercises That Help You Recover Muscular Strength after Your Breast Augmentation

Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery empowers you to take control of your own image and health. As with any medical procedure, it is important to work with your doctors to make sure that you have a successful recovery. After your breast augmentation surgery, follow the directions of your surgeon in order to achieve the desired outcome while also taking care of your health. Any kind of surgery makes the muscles in the surgery site weaker. This can make it harder to return to everyday activities. Also, you need to build up the muscles around your surgical site so that you can heal effectively and not injure your surgical site. Therefore, once you are cleared for physical activity, it is important to start building up your muscular strength again. Here are three exercises that help you recover muscular strength after a breast augmentation.

Shoulder Wings Exercise

The shoulder wings stretch helps you gain more range of motion in your upper chest after your surgery. This stretch relieves tightness in your shoulders as well. Start standing with your feet slightly apart for good balance. Keep your back straight, bend your elbows, and place your fingertips at the level of your clavicles. Raise your elbows slowly until they are at the level of your hands on your collarbone. You should feel a stretch in your upper chest. If you start to feel discomfort, then increase the stretch very slowly and stop if the pain becomes too much. Lower your elbows down to your sides slowly to relax the stretch. Repeat this exercise ten times.

Wall Crawl Exercise

This exercise is useful after your augmentation because it is a no-impact exercise. While it does not exert stress on your body, it is still beneficial for rehabilitating regular movement in your shoulder muscles. For this exercise, you will need strips of painter's tape to help you mark your progress. Stand half a foot away from a wall while facing it. Raise your hands to the wall and mark the highest point your fingertips can comfortably reach without straining your incision site. Lower your arms to waist level, then extend your hands to the wall. Slide your fingertips slowly up the wall until you reach the highest point that is comfortable. Hold the stretch for one minute. Slowly walk your fingers back down the wall, then relax your arms at your sides. The following days, repeat the exercise and use more pieces of tape to mark your progress in extending your hands higher.

Back Climb Exercise

The back climb exercise engages the muscles across your chest, stretching them out to relieve knots from being immobile after surgery. This exercise can be done while you are sitting or standing. Keep your back straight and put your hands behind your back. Grasp one wrist loosely with the opposite hand. Slowly begin to slide your clasped hands up your spine. Pause and take a deep breath if the stretch becomes too intense and turns painful. Hold your clasped hands at the highest comfortable point you can reach to increase the stretch. Slide your clasped hands down your back slowly to complete this exercise.

For further advice to help you in your recovery from breast augmentation surgery, contact a reconstructive surgeon.