Planning To Work As An Activities Director For An Assisted Living Facility? 2 Activities The Residents Can Do

Are you looking for assisted living employment? As an activities director, you will make sure the seniors at an assisted living facility stay busy and have fun doing different activities. You will work alongside other personnel, such as the intake staff, administrator, or director. There are many different types of activities you can plan for the residents, two of which are listed below.

Arts and Crafts

Activities can help the seniors exercise their fingers and hands, as well as help them with concentration. They will feel proud when they finish with their project knowing that they made it all on their own, and display it in their room. Ask the seniors about crafts they would like to make, and you can also offer your own ideas to them.

Some ideas for activities the residents can do include:

  • Playing with play dough
  • Drawing and painting
  • Making collages
  • Making their own scrapbook
  • Coloring in coloring books

These crafts will stimulate the residents' brains, and they will look forward to them each day.


If you are able and there is room on the grounds, create a flower bed and a vegetable garden. Let the seniors plant the flowers and vegetables starting from established plants, seeds, or bulbs. Watching the plants grow will excite them, and the residents can eat the vegetables and feel proud knowing they grew them on their own.

Plant some flower bulbs in the late fall or early winter, such as tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. This will give the residents a big surprise in the spring when all the flowers pop up out of the ground. If you are allowed to, take the seniors with you to a gardening center and let them pick out their own flowers.

Plant flowers that bloom at different times during the spring, summer, and fall so the residents can enjoy the beautiful flower throughout the entire growing season.

Teach them how to care for the plants, such as making sure the vegetables and flowers get enough water and fertilizer. When the growing season is over, let them help you get any perennial flowers ready for winter so all of the plants will be healthy in the spring.

When planning activities, take into account that you may have seniors there that have dementia or Alzheimer's, as you may need to plan things a little differently for them. Talk with the staff about this, as they can help you set up the right activities for them.