3 Reasons to See a Pain Management Doctor for Neck Pain

One of the best resources at your disposal when you are dealing with neck pain is a pain management doctor, mostly because he or she will be able to provide a wide range of treatment options that will increase the chances of eliminating your neck pain. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to see a pain management specialist when you are experiencing neck pain.

Non-Surgical Options

One of the biggest reasons to utilize a pain management specialist is to take advantage of all of your treatment options, including non-surgical options. While surgery may be necessary for more serious conditions, many neck issues can often be resolved without resorting to this rather extreme option.

In many cases, your neck pain may be able to be resolved with the use of a series of stretches or exercises that can help relieve tension in your neck. In addition to providing exercises, a pain management doctor may also recommend massage therapy to relieve the pain and tension or a chiropractic adjustment if he or she believes that your pain is the result of misaligned vertebrae in your neck or back. 

Diagnostic Assistance

Another reason to see a pain management doctor is to make sure that your neck pain is not a side effect of a more serious condition. For example, many serious and life-threatening illnesses can cause tremendous amounts of neck pain as one of their symptoms.

These illnesses can include various forms of cancers, degenerative bone diseases, and chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. By seeing a pain management doctor to take an in-depth diagnostic approach to your neck pain, you can increase the chances of finding and treating most of these illnesses as early as possible, thus increasing the effectiveness of the treatments.

Avoiding Long-Term Effects

Finally, a pain management doctor can help you avoid any long-term effects that can often accompany neck pain. One possible effect of not treating your neck pain as soon as possible is that the pain can actually begin to affect your nerves over time. When that happens, the neck pain can end up lingering long after the original cause of the pain has been resolved, which can lead to years of unnecessary discomfort and suffering.

Contact a pain management doctor today, such as those at Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates, to discuss how he or she may be able to assist you with your neck pain. This type of specialist can help you avoid long-term side effects, diagnose potential causes of the pain, and offer a wide range of non-surgical treatment options.