Can Chiropractic Therapy Help Manage The Symptoms Of Lupus?

Lupus is a rare autoimmune disorder that causes your body to turn against itself, mistaking healthy cells for hostile invaders. At its least severe, lupus can leave you with painful, inflamed muscles and stiff joints. At its worst, it can damage some of your most vital organs, such as the kidney. Because there is no known cure for lupus, it is particularly important to manage its symptoms to protect yourself and remain as comfortable and active as possible. Chiropractic therapy, alongside the treatment plan outlined be your doctor, may prove to be a particularly effective supplement, helping your body recover from each episode in the following four ways. 

Reducing Inflammation

Most chiropractors specialize in spinal adjustments, but they are also well versed in other types of physical therapy, including reducing inflammation. During an episode of lupus, your body's immune cells turn against your tissues, and the resulting injury causes painful inflammation in your muscles and nervous system. Your chiropractor can help manage this pain without medication through massages or hot and cold therapies, testing each form of treatment to find what works best for you. 

Controlling Your Pain

Besides muscle pain, lupus patients also often deal with skin sores, rashes, headaches, and swelling, all of which can leave you too sore and miserable to move. Your chiropractor may not be able to cure the underlying cause of these issues, but he or she should be able to give recommendations and use therapeutic methods to improve your comfort and take your mind off the pain. 

Working Through Joint Stiffness

Another frequent complaint of lupus patients is joint stiffness, caused by inflamed tissues around the joints becoming too swollen for them to move properly. Your chiropractor can get your limbs swinging again through chiropractic joint manipulation, a procedure similar to spinal adjustments. Furthermore, a chiropractor can also show you specialized stretches and exercises to gently ease the tension in your joints and muscles at home, allowing you to work through the symptoms of lupus even while you aren't in the office. 

Improving Your Blood Flow 

Even your blood vessels are not safe from the attacks of lupus, and when they become swollen, your blood pressure can spike dangerously. This lack of circulation is what poses the greatest risk to your organs. Studies have shown that chiropractic therapy can significantly reduce blood pressure in patients, meaning regular appointments at your local chiropractor's office could save your organs from real damage over the long-term.

If you are tired of being trapped indoors every time your own immune system turns against you, call a chiropractor at an office like SpineCare Chiropractic Daniel S. Wright, D.C. to discuss potential therapies based on your unique symptoms and medical status.