All Adults, Including Pregnant Women, Should Take Annual Flu Shots

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) recommends that each adult take the flu shot to protect you from developing the flu during the flu season. It is particularly important that you take the immunization if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during the flu season. Taking the flu shot protects your newborn, since the contents of the shot pass through your placenta and then guard your fetus from the dreaded flu. Be particularly aware that the influenza season in America begins from October and lasts through May. However, some physicians begin administering the vaccine from late August or early September. Just remember that all adults, including pregnant women, should take annual flu shots.

ACOG Joins CDC In Warning About Dangers Of Flu Viruses

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is joining the CDC in emphasizing that influenza vaccination is an important element of preconception, prenatal and postpartum care. They warn that pregnant women are particularly at risk if they've not been vaccinated. You can become seriously ill due to the effects of seasonal and associated  influenza outbreaks.

Take The Flu Shots

Although the number of pregnant women taking the flu shot has increased over time, more women are being encouraged to avail themselves of an inactivated influenza vaccine shot immediately when the vaccine becomes available. Have it done without delay. Not only is ACOG advising you to take the shot, but the organization is also stressing the importance for all obstetrician/gynecologists and obstetric care providers to take the influenza shots themselves in addition to providing the vaccine to their pregnant patients seasonally. All other health care providers and health care organizations are being reminded that they should take heed and make sure that they're following the same example too.

Spreading The Word About Flu Shots

The organization believes that obstetricians should spread the word among pregnant women about the vital importance of this vaccine. It is felt that the women will be more receptive to taking the flu shots when obstetricians advocate how the vaccine helps them and their unborn children. Are you pondering why you must take the flu shot every year? There's a simple explanation for that. Antibodies in your body work to protect you from developing vaccine viruses, but scientific explanation notes that antibody levels decline over time. Remember that new flu viruses occur each year, and your body's immune system develops antibodies to fight the emerging new viruses. These changes create the need for you to annually take a flu shot. 

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