Is Your Child’s Poor Oral Health Related To Periodontal Disease? What To Know

A lot of parents don't care for their child's oral health as well as they should, and children who neglect to floss and brush properly are at the risk of developing pediatric periodontal disease. Some parents think that since baby teeth will fall out it's alright if they aren't cared for closely, but your child's gum tissue has to last them a lifetime.

If you have noticed that your child's gums aren't as healthy as they could be, or if your child complains about pain in their gum tissue, you need to get to a dentist. Here are some things you want to know about this condition.

12 Months is Time

When your child is just 12 months of age, it's time to start using toothpaste and it's time to start brushing. As soon as the teeth start to shift closer together, then it's time to floss for them. Some kids aren't capable of flossing properly on their own until they are teens, and it's important to help them until they can clean their teeth properly to prevent gum disease and cavities.

Tissue Sensitivity Isn't Normal

If your toddler is complaining that it hurts their teeth and their gums when they eat something hot or drink something cold, that isn't normal. The teeth and the gum tissue in the mouth should still be strong and healthy when they are young, and the mouth shouldn't be overly sensitive. This could be an indication that they have periodontal concerns, and you want to get them checked out.

Discoloration and Bleeding is Serious

The gum tissue should be a healthy light pink. If the tissue looks red, green, or has other discoloring, these are warning signs. If the tissue around the teeth bleeds every time your child brushes, or when they eat, this is a serious concern. Not only are the gums susceptible to infection when the tissue is open and bleeding, but your child could have other issues like TMJ causing the irritated tissue.

Pediatric periodontal disease is something very serious that you don't want to ignore, and you want to take your child to a pediatric dental specialist if you fear they have any dental concerns. Deep tissue cleanings can be used to clean out the tissue that is infected or deeply affected by decay. Talk with a dentist, such as those at Dino Kids DDS, right away so you can protect your child's gums and oral health.