4 Signs It’s Time For An Eye Exam

The ability to see is something that should never be taken for granted. Therefore, proper care of the eyes and periodic examinations are essential to not only the eye's underlying health, but also your quality of vision. Unfortunately, you may not realize it is time for a comprehensive eye exam. If you are experiencing one or more of the following signs, it is time to schedule a routine exam with your eye doctor.

You Can't Remember Last Exam

Most eye care professionals recommend comprehensive exams of the eye and vision once a year or every two years. If you do not remember when you went to see your eye doctor last, an exam should be scheduled immediately.

Whether you are experiencing any other symptoms or not, do not wait any longer. Schedule an exam with an eye care professional to rule out any issues related to your eyes and vision.

You Are Seeing Floaters/Light Flashes

If you are seeing spots in your vision or flashes of light, there may be a serious issue affecting both your eye health and vision.

Floaters ( or spots in your vision) and flashes of light could be signs of a serious condition such as retinal detachment or a tear or hole in your retina.

To reduce the risk of permanent damage to your eye and vision, immediate care is important. Make sure to visit your eye doctor as soon as you notice these signs.

Your Vision Is Becoming Blurry

If you or a family member have noticed you are starting to hold reading materials closer to your face or you are sitting closer to the television and computer monitor, your vision quality may be slowly decreasing.

Everyone experiences a little blurry vision at one point in time, but if this blurriness is becoming more and more common, you are developing a vision impairment that requires some sort of correction.

You are Experiencing Headaches

The increase of headaches is also a sign that there may be an issue affecting your vision. Frequent headaches are common if you are straining your eyes, which causes them to be fatigued. This strain and fatigue leads to headaches, which are felt in the head and even both of the eyes.

During an eye exam, make sure to notify your doctor about these headaches, their frequency, and the time of day or night that they occur.

The above signs do not necessarily signal there is an issue with your eyes, but an exam will be helpful. Understanding the need for regular exams will help improve your eye health and vision quality. Contact a clinic, like Advanced  Eye Care &  Surgery Center, for more help.