3 Reasons Guys Should Have A Vasectomy

If you are a guy and you and your wife are done having children, you may feel that she should be the one in charge of birth control. While that is the norm in many marital relationships, there are some reasons you as a guy should do your part to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Here are three reasons guys should have a vasectomy.

1. There are Benefits to Having a Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a safe and simple procedure that is done in a doctor's office and takes about 30 minutes to complete. A vasectomy is a very reliable type of birth control that is over 99% effective. Besides doing its job at preventing pregnancy, some other benefits of going through a vasectomy include:

  • It's a reversible procedure in case you change your mind
  • The procedure is painless with only mild discomfort during recovery
  • It is a less expensive alternative to female sterilization

In order to avoid soreness during recovery, you'll need to put sexual intercourse and sports on hold for about a week as they recover.

2. Many Types of Birth Control Aren't Safe for Women

There are a wide range of birth control methods for women, but many of these come with risks and complications. Some of the most common types of birth control and their risks include:

  • Oral contraception - increased risk of blood clots, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, and some types of cancer
  • Depo-provera shot - can cause weight gain, irregular periods, depression, and decreased sex drive
  • Tubal ligation - increased risk of infection and having an ectopic pregnancy, as well as bleeding and damage to other organs
  • Hysterectomy - heavy bleeding, as well as increased risk of infection and urinary incontinence

As you can see, the risks of many types of birth control for women are far more serious than that of a vasectomy. If you want your wife to stay healthy, seeing a doctor who specializes in vasectomy services will help.

3. Your Wife Birthed Your Children

Whether you and your spouse have one or more children, she went through a lot during her pregnancy. Not only did she experience all of the symptoms of pregnancy, including back pain, breast tenderness, and weight gain, but she had to endure child birth as well.

Your wife may have also nursed the baby, as well as changed many diapers, losing a lot of sleep in the process. Since your wife has sacrificed so much for the sake of having a child, the least you could do is get a vasectomy.