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How To Treat Your Child At Home After A Bronchoscopy Procedure

If you have a young child, then you know that he or she will place almost anything in their mouth. If you are not quick enough to retrieve a small object, then your child is likely to swallow it. In some cases, the object can get stuck in the throat and a throat doctor will need to retrieve it. This will occur during a procedure called a bronchoscopy. After the procedure is completed, your child's throat may be sore. Read More 

Disease-Proof Your Vision: How Your Diet Affects Your Eyesight

Eyes, like every other organ in the body, are susceptible to disease. Diet can play a big part in whether or not people contract chronic and debilitating conditions. Genetics and environment aside, what you put in your mouth can help preserve your eyesight for a long time. Why Does Food Matter? You might think that food is simply for calories and energy. While that's food's major function, people can suffer malnourishment even if they have plenty to eat. Read More