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Does Your Child Have A Persistent Runny Nose Or Rash? It Is Time To Have Allergy Testing Done

If your child has a runny nose, swollen eyes, or a rash that seems to never go away, it may be more than a cold. If you notice that he or she exhibits these same symptoms at a certain time of the year, after being outside, or after eating specific foods, it is probably allergies. While you could give the kid antihistamines to reduce or get rid of the symptoms, it is better to know what the allergies are and to avoid them as much as possible. Read More 

Getting Rid of Your Glasses: What You Should Know About Your First Pair of Contacts

If you are a young person who just decided to wear contact lenses, it's important to know what to expect. You must keep your lenses clean. Most eye doctors recommend daily disposable contact lenses for anyone who is young and inexperienced with contacts. While contact lenses can give you freedom from glasses, knowing what to do in an emergency is necessary. If your contact rips or falls on the floor, or if you fall asleep in your lenses, you need to know what to do. Read More 

Three Bad Habits That Might Be Contributing to Your Chronically Dry Facial Skin

Dry facial skin can be uncomfortable, itchy, and embarrassing. Slathering on lotion or a moisturizer only does so much! If you really want to be rid of your dry skin and enjoy softer, more supple skin on a long-term basis, you need to get to the bottom of what's causing your dry skin. Here's a look at three bad habits that you may need to break. Using overly harsh cleansers. Read More 

Protecting Your Child’s Health By Using Natural Head-Lice Treatments

Head lice are an annoying pest that love infesting the head of children. They aren't necessarily dangerous (they don't spread diseases or cause serious health problems), but they are unhygienic and can spread to others easily. Most treatments use harsh chemicals that can kill lice, but you might personally consider these chemical treatments damaging to your child's health. Thankfully, natural head-lice treatments are possible. Do Natural Remedies Really Work? Whether natural remedies work depends on the type of remedy you use. Read More 

Three Tips for New Eyeglass Patients

Your eyeglasses are essential for allowing you to be able to clearly see the world around you. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may not have the experience or knowledge needed to ensure they are taking proactive care of their glasses. To help you avoid some common issues that glasses wearers may encounter, it may be wise to keep the following few tips in mind. Regularly Rinse Your Lenses Scratches can be a particularly common problem for glasses. Read More