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Protect Your Health With The Right Flooring For Disabilities

If you or a family member has recently acquired a wheelchair or other walking aid from a company like Neergaard Pharmacies, you know that adjusting to using the aid can be difficult. In addition to undergoing occupational and physical therapy, you should consider making changes to your home. Certain flooring materials are friendlier to each device and increase your mobility while protecting your health. Before you choose your new floor, you need to understand which type works best for your mobility issues. Read More 

3 Signs It May Be Time For A Chair Lift

As your body slows down with age, completing simple tasks like climbing the stairs of your home can become increasingly difficult. The natural aging process does not have to be a daily struggle, especially with modern technology such as the stair lift. Also called a chair glider, it is specially designed to help those with decreased mobility move from landing to landing. With a hefty price tag ranging from $3,000-$15,000, take a moment to consider if you're ready to invest in one for your home. Read More 

Newbie’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

If you're a first-time glasses wearer, you might be overwhelmed by all of the styles, shapes, and colors of prescription glasses. How do you know which ones to buy? Chances are, you'll find several glasses frames that you like, but you need to choose a pair of glasses that complements your face. So, before you start shopping for your new eyeglasses, check out these tips. Frame Shape Choosing the right frame shape is difficult for many people. Read More 

On Blood Thinners? 3 Innocent Mistakes That Could Interfere With Your Medication

If you're on prescription medications to thin your blood, you may have to undergo routine blood testing to monitor your INR level. INR stands for International Normalised Ratio, and it measures your blood's ability to clot. If your level is too high, you can develop significant and serious bleeds. If it is too low, you may have a stroke or pulmonary embolism. If you take your medications as prescribed and get your blood tests without fail, your levels should stay in a therapeutic range. Read More 

Start Your Weight Loss Journey With The Right Mindframe and Gradual Progress

If you are overweight, you should consider losing weight for your health, as well as for other reasons. Losing weight can help you to feel better about yourself and even make it fun to go out shopping for new clothes. If you have decided to lose weight, you should read the article below to find out how to get started on the right track. Approach weight loss with the right mindframe Read More