Autoimmune Answers: Understanding Antibody Management

Avoid An Acquired Hernia By Preventing Muscle Strain

Acquired hernias are a real threat for people who lift weights, participate in sports or lead active lifestyles, overall. An acquired hernia can develop when the connective tissues or muscles that line your abdomen get damaged. Acquired hernias aren't just uncomfortable, but they may also require surgical intervention which often comes with an uncomfortable and lengthy recovery. One source of this abdominal damage are muscle strains. Educating yourself on the different ways you can avoid a muscle strain can in turn help minimize your risk. Read More 

3 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Allergy Testing

Do you believe that your child could be allergic to pollen, dust, or even insect bites? If so, your doctor will likely recommend skin allergy testing, which is a brief procedure in which a doctor injects a small amount of an allergen into your child's skin to see if it causes a reaction. These injections are usually done with small, pinprick needles, applied all at once in a grid-like fashion. For young children, the idea of getting multiple shots at once can cause extreme anxiety, and they may not be cooperative once you get into the office. Read More 

3 Exercises That Help You Recover Muscular Strength after Your Breast Augmentation

Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery empowers you to take control of your own image and health. As with any medical procedure, it is important to work with your doctors to make sure that you have a successful recovery. After your breast augmentation surgery, follow the directions of your surgeon in order to achieve the desired outcome while also taking care of your health. Any kind of surgery makes the muscles in the surgery site weaker. Read More 

When You Always Feel Like You’re Stepping On Something

Do you frequently feel like there's something in your shoe, only to take it off and find nothing? This sensation of always stepping on something can usually be attributed to a condition known as Morton's neuroma. Usually, you'll feel like there's a ball or stone between your third and fourth toes, but sometimes the symptoms can appear in other places on the ball of your foot. This condition is unlikely to go away on its own, so it's important that you learn a little about it and how to treat it. Read More 

The Benefits Of Using A Sports Rehabilitation

If you have been involved in a sports-related injury, you will want to do whatever it takes to get back on your feet so you can participate in the next game that you have. If you have torn a ligament or muscle then you may want to consider visiting a sports rehabilitation center to get your body back in physical shape. This option is more efficient and can show faster results than you just resting at home and taking medication to relieve the pain. Read More