Is Your Child’s Poor Oral Health Related To Periodontal Disease? What To Know

A lot of parents don't care for their child's oral health as well as they should, and children who neglect to floss and brush properly are at the risk of developing pediatric periodontal disease. Some parents think that since baby teeth will fall out it's alright if they aren't cared for closely, but your child's gum tissue has to last them a lifetime. If you have noticed that your child's gums aren't as healthy as they could be, or if your child complains about pain in their gum tissue, you need to get to a dentist. Read More 

How To Stay Motivated Through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps you regain strength and mobility after an accident or injury. However, in many cases, physical therapy can be a slow process, and that can get discouraging. To keep your spirits high, check out these tips. 1. Understand the Scale Physical therapy isn't necessarily about meeting certain benchmarks by a set date. Instead, it's about demonstrating growth and moving in the right direction. Don't set arbitrary goals for yourself — it can get frustrating if you don't meet them. Read More