Think You May Be Predisposed To Breast Cancer? Preventative Steps You Can Take

If a few of your family members have had breast cancer, you may be wondering if it was an inherited condition. Breast cancer can be caused by gene mutations: specifically, in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2. These genes usually regulate the cycle of cell division, but gene mutations can cause cells to divide and grow into tumors. In fact, BRCA1 mutations not only cause breast cancer, they can raise the risk of other cancers. Read More 

Don’t Be Sad About SAD — Get Help From A Mental Health Professional

One type of mental health issue that might not get as much publicity as depression or bipolar disorder is something known as seasonal affective disorder. Commonly called SAD, this acronym can actually reflect how sufferers of this condition feel. Seasonal affective disorder, which is common during the winter, is more than just someone not enjoying the time of year and longing for better weather. While many people feel this way, they often can shrug aside these feelings and get on with their day. Read More